Cyburbia – The World of Robogram

Cyburbia – The Word of Robogram is a rich world populated with Humans Robots and AI’s. After neuron computers become commonplace at the beginning of the century. They were used as the core of the internet. Something strange happened. A vast inner universe was discovered made of purely from code. Programmers entered cyberspace first and started to create and play around with the primal code. Then from the primal code spontaneously started to rearrange itself and the first robots and AIs emerged. They built Cyburbia a global size city in the cyberspace what we know today.

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Robogram – Book

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A gripping tale of adventure, finding new friends and defeating evil in a fantastic, virtual world.

With the advent of neuron computers came Cyburbia, a wonderful virtual reality every bit as breathtaking and magnificent as the real world. Hot on the heels of Cyburbia, Robogram, a daring, engaging game where humans and robots work together to defeat each other in an energetic battle of wits and skill, appeared. It took the whole world by storm. Champions were made and legends formed, and it only grew in popularity.

Then one day a player arose who changed the game forever. Vicious and pitiless, EGO the AI, a unique dueler in every sense of the word, left a trail of destruction in his wake until an unexpected challenger brought his reign to a sudden end.
Vanquished for the moment, he disappeared. But was he really defeated? Is he gone forever?

Reika is an adventurous young girl with bold, ambitious plans, who schemes and dreams of an exciting life. One day, in search of a memory upgrade in Cyburbia, she wanders into a terrifying trap.

Armed with only her wits and her programming cards, with the help of some new-found friends, she must make her way through a series of obstacles, the last of which might end up being her undoing. Can she succeed in making it through the harrowing ordeal?

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Robogram Enter the Cyberspace

Robogram – The Game

Robogram the card game or PC VR Game.

Join your Robot and ready your program cards to compete in the Grand Arena for the ultimate cyber-trophy and become the Robogram Champion!

Robogram is a unique  card game designed to teach about programming (it’s also proper fun!)

It’s a game of epic battles where programmers attempt to bring down their opponent’s firewall and crash each other’s servers.

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Try the game from behind your screen or enter the Cyberspace with your VR headset.

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What is Robogram?


Check out our youtube channel. Watch our tutorial series on youtube to learn about Robogram the programming card game.

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Game Development – VR Gameplay

You can find more videos on our youtube channel on PC game development series. Learn more about Robogram the PC game

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Robogram Review by BGB

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