After getting nice feedback from my friends and my readers I would like to share with you my plan and progress of the upcoming books on Cyburbia the world of Robogram, so here is the official Robogram Books Roadmap in July 2020

  1. Robogram – Enter the Cyberspace is out now available on amazon.
  2. Robogram Arena trilogy
    1. Arena – Book writing is in progress.
      • A lot of new interesting characters and locations added. Reika will join the pyramid arena as a new student, and will learn a lot about the sport of Robogram. We have a new villain named Chaos. We will finally meet some characters from the card game, like Hakuto, Kabuto, Sun Falcon.
    2. Heist – I have finished the Outline.
      • Robi is kidnapped by an Evil know well by Reika and her friends and they need all their wits to get him back ….
    3. Championship – I have finished the Outline. (getting close to spoiler territory here, so here it is without any spoilers) Reika has no choice but risks everything and enter the Championship.
  3. Robogram – Ahoy, Mateys! – Reika and Rob’s light-hearted high seas adventure on the See of Code, They looking for the lost friend of Robi. They will cross paths with Captain Code Pirate. 🙂
  4. Robogram Crisis Trilogy – Planned – Cyburbia’s plane is broken, is it a natural disaster or someone is causing it?
Robogram Books Roadmap
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