Eirene District is a place of opulence and luxury. It is located in the north-east of Cyburbia in a serene, tranquil area. There is no place as beautiful as it in the real world. The beaches are impossibly white, the water and skies the purest blue, the wildlife is almost too beautiful to be real.

The hotels, resorts and other leisure centres offer impeccable, discreet service. Most of the menial tasks are automatised rest is done by robots and AIs, so the whole place runs smoothly.  There are penthouse suites with views of Cyburbia that cannot be seen from anywhere else. It is super exclusive, and anyone who manages to get in remembers the experience forever.

Eirene District is the home of the recently finished Grand Arena, which is the largest Robogram Arena in Cyburbia. Even larger than the famous Great Pyramid Arena.

Robogramers of Eirene prefers to use Script Deck, which is the most difficult to use but devastating in the hand of an experienced programmer. It is the rarest deck from all.


Eirene District was created by the elite of Cyburbia, many of whom were fairly people, but talented programmers in the real world. By some means, they managed to become wealthy in Cyburbia and wanted a place that would surpass all the luxury locations in the real world. They all met in a nondescript location one foggy day in London and built the vacation destination of their dreams. The combined elements from tourist towns, islands, safaris and other vacations locations each of them preferred. Then they blended the elements seamlessly, thus creating Eirene.

These fourteen founders also designed and built. Palatial homes for themselves and these are the only personal residences in Eirene till date. The descendants of these people control most of Eirene and are also prolific Robogram duelers.


The crown jewel of Eirene is Akito Tanaka’s home, Passionflower. Akito Tanaka is a descendant of Masato Tanaka, one of the original creators of Eirene. Passionflower is a private home and only invited guests are allowed in.

On one occasion, Reika finds herself taking a harrowing, surprise trip to Passionflower, after a Robogram duel gone wrong sends her on an adventure.