The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid Arena was not always an arena. The Great Pyramid is the oldest and most important building in Cyburbia. It was created as a programming exercise when Cyburbia was still in its early days. Prior to it, Cyburbia was mostly filled with small, unambitious structures.

Creation of The Great Pyramid

A group of programmers – including Elena Katona, a girl that would later go on to be one of the most famous Robogrammers ever – came together and decided to create something more ambitious.

They chose a pyramid because the shape would make it more stable, and in the event of an accident, it would collapse in on itself and not cause so much destruction.

It was built in the Aztec style and decorated with futuristic carvings of humans and robots. After the experiment was over and the feasibility of building larger structures in the cyberspace was ascertained, the pyramid was abandoned and people moved on to more habitable projects. Nobody bothered to delete it.

Building The Arena

A while after, Robogram games came into existence and began to grow in popularity. The need for a centralised location for hosting Robogram championships arose and the Great Pyramid, which was already relatively central, in the Xen district was chosen and finally put to good use.

The Great Pyramid Arena was built. The Pyramid itself is used for offices for Robogram Championship Officials, Robogram training halls, equipment storage, etc. The office of the Grand Gevoner of the Robogram championships is located at the top of the pyramid.

The Great Pyramid Arena is built to the side of the Great Pyramid so one part of the seating is actually on the steps of the Pyramid. Seating is all around like in a modern stadium. There is space in the arena for even ten parallel Robogram matches at once. It is used for the biggest tournaments and other entertainments like concerts, etc. It is the second biggest Arena after the Grand Arena in Eirene district, which was built later.