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London Borough of Sutton, UK – Robogram is a new and unique customizable card game which was designed to teach children of any age about programming. As kids play along, they are actually learning a valuable techs skill that they can use to create a website, design their own video game or program a computer system. With the future belonging to the tech-enabled, your child can do anything with Robogram!

As innovators in the AI and gaming industry, Robogram introduces children to basic computer coding while they are fighting opponents in epic cyber battles. Playtime becomes learning time with Robogram as programmers attempt to bring down their opponent’s firewall and crash each other’s servers.

The game unfolds as each card and each damage card is dealt and players begin to understand how various computer systems work and how simple changes to the computer code can result in dramatic effects. Robogram uses real coding tricks, terms and programs giving players the ability to better understand the world of computer coding.

Robogram is available in two forms: a Starter Kit which includes 72 Poker sized cards in two tuck boxes, A5 size Rule Book, 2x A3 size Game Mat, 6 dice and an exclusive Kickstarter only card, and a Digital Version which includes home printing optimised version of 35 Cards, Rule sheet and Game Mat for downloading.

The Robogram website, which can be found at offers more information including gameplay tips and tactics as well as a link to the company’s Kickstarter campaign. On the Kickstarter page, you will find a gameplay example video, company goals, Robogram add-ons and an opportunity to make a donation to help the Robogram educational game become a reality.

The Robogram website and all Robogram products are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Robogram in the UK.

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