Here is our new Holo Electric Board! It is Awesome!  🙂

The old paper board was fine, but it was designed to the board game with all the limitation of paper and printing.  So when I got the chance to reimagine the board. My first was the background is an electric grid, it should be animated. The card areas have this transparent effect so let’s make it actually transparent. Board now has separate parts which will allow me to solve some of the late game space issues.

Progress Report on Alpha 2.

  • Graphical upgrades of Cards, Board. 
  • Added new Main Menu Scene with 3D City Background.
  • Add new 3D Arena. I calling it the Mini Arena.
  • Good progress with VR. Oculus Avatar integration. VR headset and controller integration. Add laser pointer.  Most menus are converted to VR compatible holographic menus. 

I will have more updates coming on the above soon.

What is outstanding yet from Alpha  2 is Single Player Mode Tutorials and Adding some Upgrade and Event cards to the decks. A lot of fine-tuning and bug fixing. 

Alpha 2 Update – Holo Electric Board
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