The factory District is the powerhouse of Cyburbia. It is a humming, grinding machine that churns out thousands of tonnes of goods and technology every day.  It is the place where the most important items in Cyburbia, the Robogram cards, are produced. It is marked by tall, slim columns and spires, which give the area the nickname the Stacks. The appearance factory District is a significant contrast to Xen or Eirene Districts

The factory district is home of many street Robogram arenas.

Robogramers from the Factory district often prefer to play with the Assembly Deck

Life in Factory District

The factory District is so much more than an industrial complex. It is a hub of secret, criminal gangs formed for the purpose of stealing valuable items, including the Robogram cards. It also teems with different security forces, who are sometimes not able to differentiate the good from the bad. This combination makes the factory area a dangerous place to find yourself in.

For those who want to make a legitimate living, there is always work in the Stacks. Working in the factories difficult, back-breaking work even if most of it is automatised, but it is less dangerous than “Scratching”. “Scratchers” are people who scavenge for valuable objects among the refuse of the factories.


The biggest and most imposing factory in the factory area is the Cybertek factory. Known for its obsidian, curved spires, Cybertek is the company that supplies most of the equipment for Robogram. Their cards hologram boards and tech are all produced in the factory, and it is the most heavily guarded place in Cyburbia. Many attempts at breaking in to steal valuable Robogram cards and equipment have been made. Some have been successful, like Operation Tsunami, a great heist that took place in the Dawn of Robogram popularity. In one night, some expensive, well-secured tech disappeared from the company, like waves washing away lines drawn in the sand on the beach. The value of the equipment constituted about a quarter of Cybertek’s asset value, and the company nearly folded. After that, security was beefed up in the Cybertek factory and the factory area in general.