Xen District is a midsized town in the south of Cyburbia. It is a quiet town for ordinary people who don’t really have any lofty ambitions and are not looking for grand adventures. Of all the places in Cyburbia, Xen is closest to the reality of most Cyburbia visitors. It is an eclectic mix of the suburban and rural, with thatch cottages existing side by side with log cabins and Tudor bungalows and Victorian houses. Xen has a lot of carnivals and amusement parks – good,  inexpensive fun for those who cannot afford costlier entertainment. It also has large expanses of wooded green with clean, clear springs, perfect for long walks. Many people who visit Cyburbia go to Xen to relax.

Xen District is known for being a melting pot of many different cultures, both from the real world and from Cyburbia. It is the most visited place in Cyburbia, even though it is one of the less fantastic locations, without the glittering darkness of Metro Nyx or the lush jungles of Hashana or the luxury of Eirene

You can find both the Mini Arena and the Grand Pyramid Arena in Xen District.

Robogram in Xen District

A good number of Famous Robogrammers received some part of their training in Xen. The famous champion Sakura, who is known for defeating the insane AI EGO, spent about four years in Xen, training. There, she learnt new skills in the home of one Rico Dan, a recluse who many people knew little about. Even his neighbours just knew him as the man that lived beside them. No one knew he was highly skilled at Robogram, until the orphan girl he raised shocked the world. His home is one of the tourist attractions in Xen.

Most of the Robogrammers from Xen District prefer to use C++ Deck, however Ruby deck also popular.


Xen District is divided into twelve shires, with each of them having local leaders. These twelve leaders make up the council that oversees the affairs of Xen. The leaders are chosen by the people every three years.