Metro Nyx district is in the heart of Cyburbia and the crown jewel of the whole cyberspace. It is sometimes called ‘The City of a Thousand Lights’. It is the largest, most populated city in Cyburbia. It is also the most technologically advanced and arguably the most beautiful. It is divided into sixty-four counties, with a magistrate in charge of each one. The magistrate works with a sheriff to keep the peace in a city where the constant darkness provides cover for potential crimes.

Many notable landmarks like the Mini Arena are in Metro Nyx. It is also one of the most visited places in Cyburbia for numerous reasons. Key among them is the fact that it is always night in Metro Nyx, hence the name. This unusual phenomenon attracts thousands of visitors every day.

Millions of neon lights and flashing billboards and streetlights illuminate it, making it even brighter than daylight sometimes, but the sky is always a nocturnal, cloudless blue-black, with a perpetually full moon hanging in it, giving the whole city a mysterious aura.

Metro Nyx district is the oldest City in Cyburbia. No one knows how it came to be perpetually night, but one day early on it it’s existence day changed to permanent night and just did not change back. Rumour says it caused by a failed programming exercise. Others heard it happened as side effect when the traffic control AI become self-aware. Whatever is the truth, it presented a challenge to the inhabitants of Cyburbia, and they came up with different ingenious ways of lighting and powering the city. The air of delight and mystery perpetual night gives Metro Nyx makes it a top destination for investors, developers and tourists. As such, it is constantly changing and growing.

Robogrammers from the Metro Nyx district prefer to use the Ruby programming language

In The Book: Enter the Cyberspace


It is the first place Reika visits with Theo when she first enters Cyburbia with her friend, and it is also the place where she first goes to look for the upgrade card that leads her to EGO‘s tower.