EGO the AI


EGO the AI phased a Gatling laser and a plasma ball into his hands. “Overkill?

Nah, I call it making sure…” he said to himself as his opponent’s firewall disintegrated under a hail of plasma.

Gatling laser

EGO hadn’t even noticed its last attack had taken out half a dozen neighbouring servers too…

plasma ball

EGO the AI used to enter the Robogram championship. He wanted to be the first AI that would win alone without a partner to show AI’s superiority. He got into the final but got defeated by Sakura and her robot Hiro. Viewers did not like EGO because he played very brutally and lacked any niceties towards other players. When he lost the final viewers were celebrating, which made him quite bitter and started to hate humans and robots. He already disliked humans as he could not predict them and robots as he believed he is better than them. He likes to be in control. He started to go insane slowly after that.

Early Life

Nobody is quite sure where EGO came from. No one knows whether he has been there since the dawn of Cyburbia or if he was accidentally created by careless humans trying to manipulate the framework. All they know is that one day an imposing blue hologram surfaces and registers for the Robogram duels as a single player. This has never happened before and although people are concerned, many people think he will be defeated easily. They were very wrong.

EGO the AI goes on to become a force to be reckoned with. He mercilessly defeats and humiliates known champions like Hana and her robot Yui; and Tomas and his robot Itsuki. People start to fear him as he becomes an unstoppable force. Just when it seems that he was going to be victorious in the final showdown of the championships, he is defeated by Sakura, who becomes a legend because of her win. The viewers all cheer Sakura and ridicule EGO when he was defeated.

Current Life

Mad and angry, EGO retires and never enters to the Robogram championship. He becomes a program card dealer. There is no rare program card which he can’t get if someone wants to buy. Some believe he acquires these rare cards rather illegally, but any accuser will face a massive lawsuit. So no one dares to question it. EGO secretly planning his revenge on humans and robots alike.

In The Book: Enter the Cyberspace


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EGO retreats into a deserted tower to plan his revenge on humans and robots alike. He sets up a trap where he lures Robogrammers and their robots into his tower, trapping them and forcing the humans to log out of Cyburbia, leaving their robots there and their cards for the taking.

Reika, along with the robots Robi, NetX and Ping fall into EGO’s trap. They to work together to try to escape his tower.

EGO the AI