Reika smiled as her magnetic shield hummed. Her opponent’s shields were down and victory was near.

Magnetic Shield

“Meser Ray is our last option” said Robi its eyes wide in fear.

“Relax,” said Reika. “Safe’s boring, that’s what my friend Jim says.

“Where is he? asked Robi.

“Hospital, I think,” answered Reika.


Reika is the protagonist of the Cyburbia series. She is an ambitious young woman who enjoys the Robogram game and is constantly striving to become better at it. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Reika lives at home with her parents, Gina and Joe.

Her father is a software engineer. However, she does not perform too well in the programming class. She would like to be better to impress her father and the other kids in class. She is a talented Programmer/Robogramer, just lacks the motivation to learn. She is curious and loves exploring. She is naive and does not expect others to do harm. For this reason, she is sometimes disappointed, but she learns her lessons quickly.  These disappointments push her to question her values. She is funny and smart. She will defend the weak without hesitation. Reika is Iron-willed and resilient and she has a positive influence on humans and robots around her. She later makes a friend named Hakuto and his robot Kabuto. She is known of her adventures with Robi.

Early Life

Her friend in the real world named Theodora Richards introduces her to the game of Robogram and explains it is the best way to train in programming. So, she gets a VR hand band, grabs the Programming cards which she gets from her friend and enters Cyberspace. Reika has actually been to Cyburbia with a guide when she was younger, but it was so long ago that she forgot.

In The Book: Enter the Cyberspace


Get the Book

One day Reika enters Cyburbia to look for an upgrade card, an important component for a project she is working on. When she gets there, she enters an information centre where she is supposed to find the upgrade card and instead she gets sucked into EGO‘s tower. She has no choice but to complete a series of challenges in order to be free. While there, she meets three robots – Robi, NetX and Ping – and they join forces to try to escape.

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