Ping Robot


“You bulldozed my house!” PING Robot screamed at the Cybubria representative.
“There’s no use complaining now,” it replied. “Your house was empty for almost 20000 cycles, we needed to free up some memory, for new houses.”

card 15
Her house gets bulldozed

PING robot did like to drive garbage collection trucks, but not on the day of Robogram Championships as all the city roads slowed down to crawling.

card 3
Ping loves to drive Garbage Collection truck in Cyburbia

PING still found NAT firewalls confusing… there were so many exits, and the signs only ever contained numbers. It took her a dozen attempts to find the exit for city hall

card 7
Ping finds NAT Firewalls confusing

Ping robot’s body is pink with gold plates. She is small, with very short legs so she prefers to hover. Her faceplate is light blue. Ping loves thorough planning and consideration and is sometimes at odds with Robi, who likes to take chances. She tries not to be too pessimistic, even though sometimes she can’t help it. She is not too experienced at Robogram duelling, though she has a lot of knowledge about firewalls.

Early Life

Ping Robot never really liked her partner, Jun. She always thought he was too reckless, too greedy, not intelligent enough. Like most Robogrammers, Jun wanted to be the best of the best, but unlike most, he wasn’t willing to put in the hard work. He was always looking for an easy way out. Instead of studying cards and practising skills, he spent his time looking for shortcuts, which forced Ping to learn.

The shortcuts sometimes worked, many times they didn’t and they would get booed in the arena. As such, Ping becomes sceptical and cautious. One day Jun hears of a place where he can learn all the secrets of Robogram and become a master at it. Despite Ping’s warnings, he follows the directions he is given and ends up trapped in EGO‘s tower. As expected, Jun does not waste much time trying to find a way out before he abandons Ping and logs out for good.

In the Book: Enter the Cyberspace


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In the tower, Ping meets Robi and NetX, two other robots that are also trapped there. Despite their differences, they become friends. There are other robots there when Ping arrives but slowly they all malfunction and shut down until it was only Ping and her two companions left.

One day a girl called Reika comes to the tower and although Ping doesn’t really believe in her abilities, she helps her as much as she can and four of them eventually work together to try to escape the tower.

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Ping Robot