Robi Robot


“What do you mean we are lost?” Reika asked Robi Robot. “You have GPS and the map.” The little robot couldn’t look at her as it answered. “Maybe the map is wrong?” It said with no real conviction.

card 58

Robi gulped as he connected the neural jack to the robot’s network… “call me old fashioned but I liked WIFI”

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“Thank you for saving me! My name is R0-B1734-893” – Said the little robot. “Your Welcome R0-B17….. You have a long name. Is that ok if I call you Robi?” – asked Reika. “That is fine, Robi is efficient” – Answered the little robot.

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Robi Robot’s full name is (R0-B1734-893) but it is hard to remember. His friends call him Robi. He is a compiler robot for C++. Robi is a very good compiler robot. Robi can be quiet literal, often misunderstands Reika which leads to a funny situation like the wizard accident. Robi is a robot but can make mistakes, like when they got lost. Robi is not as daring as Reika, but secretly he would like to be. Robi likes to help others. Robi has a lot of knowledge of the world of Cyburbia and gladly teaches Reika about it. Robi likes to tell stories of Robogram Champions as he is a super fan. Robi often states if someone sounds illogical, by “That does not compute” or start sentences like ‘Logic dictates….’

Robi and Reika become friends after they meet and go on a lot of adventures together.

Early Life

Robi Robot once worked beside a Robogrammer named Reo. The two of them were very good at the game and were rarely defeated. They won most of their duels and although Reo was young, he was very ambitious. He had plans to be the best Robogrammer in the world. This is part of the reasons why Robi likes Reika because he sees some part of Reo in Reika.

Reo and Robi ended up trapped in EGO‘s tower when Reo went on a search for cards. He was looking for a powerful card that would upgrade his game and he went out with Robi on a search. While following a false trail they stumbled into a trap and ended up in EGO’s tower. There, Reo tried his best to find a way out, but there was none.

They also met a few other Robogram players and their robots there. All of them had been lured into the tower by EGO. Reo and Robi met the robot named Spyling and her partner, Sora. Together they tried to find a way out, but when they couldn’t Reo and Sora had no other choice than to log out of Cyburbia. Since EGO’s tower was a locked zone, they could not log back in again. Robi was left with Spyling, who later shut down due to a malfunction, much to Robi’s disappointment.

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Robi Robot