We made it! We got the first playable demo out.  It is so exciting. I looking forward to your feedback.  😉

Alpha 1 has playable offline 2 players game. It has 24 cards of C++ deck. Cards are identical to the printed version of the game.  We have only one Robot card available without the robot special abilities. All  C++ firewalls are in the game. We have all C++ command, function, iteration and object cards as well.

The game turn phases are all working smoothly (download, install, build, execute, reorganise) 

Graphics uses the look of the original printed board game which looks ok for a board game, but there is a lot of improvements can be done on that front. 

Alpha 1 is about 10% of the project so a lot more to do! 🙂 

It is time for me to start to work on Alpha 2!

Robogram Alpha 1
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