Hakuto - Cyburbia Character

Hakuto is one of Reika‘s close friends. He is currently studying Programming.  Since he was a kid he has always wanted to be a Robogram Champion one day and he spends most of his time training to achieve this. He eats, drinks and breathes Robogram and you rarely find him talking about something else.

Early Life

Hakuto’s family is very wealthy and well-known. He has a younger sister, Hisae, who is obedient and dutiful, the complete opposite of Hakuto. He, on the other hand, doesn’t have a smooth relationship with his parents because they are traditional people with old-fashioned ideas, while Hakuto is stubborn, roguish and often displays a rebellious attitude. This often puts them at odds with each other, and his parents have often threatened to disown him. To escape their control, Hakuto spends most of his time in Cyburbia and therefore knows the ins and outs of the place very well.

He loves to wander around in Metro Nyx district and challenge others in the smaller arenas just for the sake of it.

He prefers Ruby Deck when he plays Robogram like most of the residence of Metro Nyx.

He is very proficient in hacking and used to hack servers for fun. He decided to stop after an episode during which he was nearly arrested by the authorities after hacking into a top-secret site. However, his close friends will tell you he still practices hacking occasionally, even though they have told him to stop. He is the top Robogram student in the Grand Pyramid Arena training school. His best friend is Kabuto, a robot who is also his Robogram partner.

In the Book: Robogram – Arena


He meets Reika in Cyburbia one day when Reika and Robi joins the Robogram school Reika develops a crush on him later on, to the disapproval of Robi, who does not think much of Hakuto. Hakuto also helps Reika to train in the art of Robogram.